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Setup Information STIR/SHAKEN Cert

The STIR/SHAKEN Cert is a necessary prerequisite step for call origination providers to adopt in order to authenticate telephone calls in the future. The adoption of this standard is intended to eventually help mitigate spoofing and robocalling, and other nuisance and scam calls.

The certificate will need to be obtained from a designated authority, such as Ofcom or FCC. For the FCC, this can begin no earlier than June 30, 2021. For more detailed information, see our article FCC Regulations Regarding Robocalling (TRACED Act).

STIR/SHAKEN background

See Wikipedia STIR/SHAKEN and FCC Report on Selection of Governance Authority and Timely Deployment of SHAKEN/STIR for details.


To add a certificate:

  1. Click on the :fontawesome-plus: symbol.
  2. Complete the Name (may be indicated as "Alpha" in Control Panel), Certificate, and Key fields as provided in the certficate provided by the issuing authority.
  3. Click Save.

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