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The IVR (Interactive Voice Response) (or Phone Tree) presents callers with a menu and options for call routing. Callers dial-in and select an option on the numberpad which is mapped to an extension for a specific department or group within the company. These extensions can be routed to different SIP addresses, PSTN numbers, internal extension numbers, other IVRs, conference bridges, groups, and Class 5 applications. When you create an IVR, you specify a 1:1 mapping for all the possible keys on the keypad.

Edit Existing IVR

Click on the IVR Name to edit the following fields:

  • Name: The name of the IVR.
  • Extension: The dial-in numbers to callers to reach the Conference.
  • Audio File: Select a file from the drop-down list to play the greeting and explain the keypad options. You can upload your own audio files under the Audio section below.
  • Keys (numbers 0 to 9, '*' (asterisk) and '#' (hash)): Configure the Destination (what happens when the caller presses they key) for each key using the Edit ield.

    URI- Specific SIP URI (formatted without the initial sip:, ex: you would enter

    External- External number (ex: someone's mobile).

    Internal- A number or PBX resource (ex: extension numbers, IVRs, conference bridges, and groups).