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The Dashboard overview provides a summary of active customers and channels as well as some quick functions. For detailed account and customer activities, use the Menu system on the left.

Control Panel Functions

alt text

Checklist Quick view of outstanding Alerts on the account which should be addressed. Upon initial setup, there will be Alerts to verify email and mobile for the account, as well as reminder to create your customers, setup carriers, and so on.

Time Zone Click on the Date/Time box to select the Time Zone for your site.

Documentation Click on the question mark to access the ConnexCS Documentation.

Account Balance Displays the current account balance and a link to make a payment using a credit card or PayPal.

Channel Count Total Live Channels currently in use for all customers.

Account Use this to update your Profile, Change Password or Language, or Log Out.


This provides a view of Live Channels, Customers, Carriers, and Rate Cards

alt text


Table view of configured Customers and Carriers sorted by Channels in Use (highest and lowest).

Live Channels

alt text Use the icons in upper right corner to refresh, select options, or download the graph.

Upper graphs:

  • Channels This graph displays all currently active channels.
  • Channels SanKey Shows which calls and carriers are linked together. Diagram in development

Lower graphs:

  • Channels (historical data)
  • CPS (calls per second)
  • Daily Spend (displayed by customers)
  • Customer/Provider spend (from SanKey Diagram above)
  • Profit (daily stats on profit and loss, good for analysis)
  • Registration Count (currently registered end-points)