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Management Customer [Customer Name] Documents

Use the Documents section to collect various files from the customer, as part of KYC ("Know Your Customer").

  1. Create a new document.

    • Click the
      • Name: Name of the requested document (see "Document Examples" below).
      • Notes: Any details you want to relay regarding the document.
      • Customer Notes: Updates when the customer leaves notes via their portal regarding the document.
    • Save the new entry.

    alt text

  2. When the Document is created, the customer receives notice in their Customer Portal that a document has been requested.

  3. The customer selects "Upload A File" and leaves notes in the request.
  4. You can check periodically in the customer Documents section to see if the file has been added, at which point it can be downloaded for review.

Document Examples

Some examples of documents you may need to request from your customer are CLI verification, terms of condition in addition to a contract signed via ConnexCS, copy of a phone bill, or some means to verify identity such as a passport.