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Restricting individual customers to specific calling plans.

There are instances when a provider has multiple call plans and would like to restrict certain customers to specific plans. For example, some customers may only dial numbers in the USA, some in the UK, while some customers can dial Globally. ConnexCS solves this by using a temporary prefix in User Auth. This prefix tags calls from certain customers for appropriate routing, then the tag is stripped when the calls are processed in Routing.

For example, the Provider has 3 calling plans, so we define a Tech prefix for each plan:

Calling Plan Tech Prefix
USA #1#
UK #2#
Global #3#

Step 1: Link each Customer to a Tech Prefix using the Parameter Rewrite function:

Go to Customer Auth then Select IP Auth or SIP User Auth, than navigate to Parameter Rewrite:

alt text

Step 2: Add tag to Customer routing

Go to Customer Routing Ingress Routing- select the desired plan, then on the Basic tab assign the Tech Prefix:

alt text

Results: When a customer dials a number, the user registers with ConnexCS. Based on the Tech Prefix assigned in IP or SIP User Auth, the call will then be directed to the Ingress Routing plan assoicated to that Tech Prefix. Calls will then be routed based on the Rate Card(s), as well as Dial Strings and any other parameters configured in the routing instance.