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The Breakout report lists account customers with associated profits, and relevant data such as how much each customer costs, how much they have been charged, ASR and ACD, and so on. The information here is from processed CDR and so is considered "billing accurate", meaning this data can be used to bill customers.

  • Toggle Group Destination to show calls based on the destination number
  • Use the Date and Select Destination fields at the top of the page to filter results.

Group Destination toggle

Currently this toggle feature is still under development, so may generate an error.

Manage Displayed Fields

The Columns display data for each call

Column Description
Destination The destination number of the call
Attempts The number of retries
Connected Final status of the call
Total Customer Charge pending
Duration Length of call, in minutes and seconds
ASR ASR (Answer Seizure Ratio) is the number of connected calls divided by the total calls (represented as a %)
ACD Average Call Duration
DTMF Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF)
Customer Charge pending

Refreshing the Breakout Report

Remember to click the refresh button each time parameters change to ensure you see the most recent selections onscreen. When refreshing the list (typically done after modifying the filtering parameters), use the Report Refresh (by the date filter) and not the Browser refresh button.