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Button Builder

Developer Button Builder

Button Builder is used in combination with Form Builder to create a button which can be placed in an existing menu on the site.

Example use

Create the ability to select 1 or more customers/DIDs, supplement with additional information gathered from a form, then run Script Forge to either send that data outside the system or perform bulk operations which may need to be repeated.

Create new Button

Click the + and complete the following fields:

Label - Enter the button label (what it will say).

Icon - Select an icon to display.

Type / Colour - Select the button colour.

Placement - This selection will display the button at the top of the Customers list, Carriers list, or Invoices.

ScriptForge - Choose the Script Forge (if any) to run when the button is clicked.

Forms - Choose the form (if any) to display when the button is clicked, which will pass the data over to the chosen Script Forge.

Min / Max Select - No selection means the button is available when selecting no records. Entering limits will set mix/max limits to the selection.