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Button Builder

Developer Button Builder

Button Builder is used in combination with Form Builder to create a button which can be placed in an existing menu on the site.

Example use

Create the ability to select 1 or more customers/DIDs, supplement with additional information gathered from a form, then run Script Forge to either send that data outside the system or perform bulk operations which may need to be repeated.

Create new Button

Click the and complete the following fields:

  • Label - Enter the button label (what it will say).
  • Icon - Select an icon to display.
  • Type / Colour - Select the button colour.
  • Tooltip - Include brief description of of what the button does.
  • Placement - This selection will display the button at the top of the Customers list, Carriers list, or Invoices.
  • ScriptForge - Choose the Script Forge (if any) to run when the button is clicked.
  • Forms - Choose the form (if any) to display when the button is clicked, which will pass the data over to the chosen Script Forge.
  • Min / Max Select - No selection means the button is available when selecting no records. Entering limits will set mix/max limits to the selection.
  • Sort Order - tbd.

Click Save to make the new Button available for placement.