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Reseller Account

Setup Advanced Reseller Account

ConnexCS offers the Reseller Account to provide functionality for you as a carrier to resell your services via a reseller or agent.

Alpha Feature

Reseller function is Alpha, it is not intended for production usage and documentation is limited.

Concept / Design

ConnexCS already has a robust granular permissions system. The reseller functionality builds on that.

Resellers will login to the same control panel that you login to, but are effectively a limited user. They will also have affiliation with customers and rate cards

Master mode (non-reseller) - A provider card represents the cards of your upstream carriers and a customer card represents the cards that you give to your customers. You can assign your reseller a customer card. A reseller may have multiple customer cards assigned to them.

Reseller mode - A customer card assigned to the reseller becomes a provider card, which is then used to generate customer cards of their own.

Moving Reseller accounts

Customers should NOT be moved between resellers accounts as it can create unpredicatable billing behaviour.

Create Reseller Account and User

Verify reseller permissions

ALWAYS login to a reseller account yourself to check visibility over what you have allowed them to see. This is NOT currently a production ready feature so it is at your responsibility whether to use it.

  1. Create a Reseller Group - Go to Setup Settings User Groups Create Default Reseller. This creates the new group with default permissions which may be modified as needed.
  2. Add Reseller Account - Go to Setup Advanced Reseller Account . Enter the company Name (a reseller company may have more than one login) and Email. Click Save.
  3. Create a Reseller User - Click Users from the newly added account then click . The desired Group must be selected, either to match the new Reseller Group or an older one.
  4. Reseller Login - Your reseller uses the Email and Password defined in the Reseller User to login to their account.

Potential security risk

Failure to select a group will give reseller unlimited access to your master account.