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Class 4 Softswitch

ConnexCS is a Class 4 Cloud-based Softswitch. This means the call never terminates with the ConnexCS system, the platform only handles call routing. Answering calls, playing messages, etc are all functions of call termination which is performed by Class 5 switches. ConnexCS is delivered as a service, or specifically a PaaS (Platform as a Service), which allows our clients to deploy a massively-scalable distributed system accross the globe with minimal technical expertise.

SBC, Class 4 Softswitch, or Proxy?

We have given extensive consideration whether to brand our system as a Class 4 cloudswitch or an SBC (Session Border Controller). As our platform is delivered OTT (Over The Top), sitting on cloud architecture, the typical Border part of the Session Border Controller is blurred. An SBC is almost always a Class 4 switch; however, a Class 4 switch does not have to be a SBC. You can also deploy Class 5 switches or your dialers to communicate using our Class 4 Switch.