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Delay Log

Setup Information Delay Log

The Delay Log shows all the save-events which have been delayed and when they will be expected to be executed. These events are created when the Delay Save option is used when saving settings.

Save Options

Save and Continue = Exit the Customer screen

Save and Stay = Save the customer, but stay in the screen (helpful when adding multiple Customers at a time)

Delay and Save = Select a time to elapse before saving the Customer, delaying the setup or change.


A customer calls you and says that they are currently unable to top-up as they are not by their computer. They request $25.00 credit to cover them for the next 1 hour. You can change their debit limit to $25.00 in the system, then immediately after use Delay Save to change it to $0.00 with a delay of 1 hour. After that 1 hour has passed the customer's limit will automatically be set back to $0.00.