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Management Vouchers

Vouchers are similar to calling cards, with the optional benefit of applying additional credits when a customer tops-up their account. Vouchers are available in both the Customer Portal and in WebPhone.

Voucher Types

Vouchers are issued in one of 3 forms:

  • Free Credit - Once the voucher code is entered credit is applied independently of any other payment.
  • Multiplier Credit - Ex: Credit doubled for top-up of $50 or more.
  • Additional Credit - Ex: $50 free credit for top-up of $100 or more.

alt text

Voucher Setup

Click on the blue Add button.

  • Count: Enter how many vouchers you wish to create (a voucher may only be used once)
  • Minimum Activation: Enter the minimum amount the customer must spend before the voucher is valid. Set to '0' to give a customer completely free credit.
  • Multiplier: Enter the amount to multiple the customer's paid balance by. Ex: for a 10% bonus, set the voucher to 1.1.
  • Addition: Enter how much extra credit to be applied to the customer's account. Ex: Set 50 to give them $50, with or without a spend of their own, based on the Minimum Activation.
  • Currency Selector: Select the desired currency

alt text

Select Save and the system will generate the vouchers.