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Circuit Test

Management Circuit Test

A Circuit Test can aid troubleshooting by providing details such as FAS, RTP quality, MOS, release reason, jitter, packet loss percentage, and answer delay measurement. The test initiates a call on the switch which is routed out to a termination provider, through the PSTN network, then to an origination provider which routes the call back to ConnexCS and a specific DID provisioned on the system. This is considered active testing (the call is actively placed on the network) as opposed to passive testing such as Stats and Reports.

Circuit Test Traffic Flow

graph LR A[ConnexCS] --> B(Carrier) B --> C(PSTN) C --> D(FarEnd) D --> C(PSTN) C --> B(Carrier) B --> A(ConnexCS) A --> E(DID) style A fill:#ECEFF1,stroke:#red,stroke-width:3px style B fill:#ECEFF1,stroke:#red,stroke-width:3px style C fill:#ECEFF1,stroke:#red,stroke-width:3px style D fill:#ECEFF1,stroke:#red,stroke-width:3px style E fill:#ECEFF1,stroke:#red,stroke-width:3px linkStyle 0 stroke:red linkStyle 1 stroke:red linkStyle 2 stroke:red linkStyle 3 stroke:blue linkStyle 4 stroke:blue linkStyle 5 stroke:blue linkStyle 6 stroke:blue

Circuit Test Log

View a history of completed circuit tests, including the provider the call routed through, FAS and MOS scores. Troubleshooting examples include:

  • View FAS and FAS Time
  • View MOS to determine call quality
  • Compare CLI IN (from customer) and OUT (sent to provider) to ensure parameter rewrite is correct
  • Audio Engagement Delay (includes PDD, ring time and other metrics) can demonstrate how long it takes for a call to be answered

View Modification

  • Columns pop out on the right allows you to add/remove options, change column order, in some cases you can create row groups and aggregate values for pivot functionality
  • Filters pop out on the right allows you to filter some of your data
  • Adjust Column ordering

Run Circuit Test

To create a one-time Circuit Test, go to Management Circuit Test Log:

  1. Click the Run.
  2. Select the Carrier and associated Rate Card to test.
  3. The CLI is any number to send the call to.
  4. Destination Number is a DID in ConnexCS. Toggle the button on the right to select from a list of DID currently configured in the account. (See Customer DID for configuration.)

    alt text


To schedule recurring Circuit Test, go to Management Circuit Test Schedule, Click the button.

click each tab to view configuration details:

  • Select the Carrier and Rate Card to test.
  • Enter the CLI to send the call to.
  • The Destination Number is a DID configured on the system. Toggle the button to select from an available DID.
  • Enter a Name for the circuit test.
  • Minutes indicates the minute of the hour the test will run.
  • Hours indicates the hour of the day the test will run (this is denoted in a 24 hour clock, ex: 2:00pm is 14).
  • Select which the Day of the Week to run the test

When the scheduled test run, the results will be visible on the "Log" tab.

Multiple selections allowed

Most fields under Schedule allow for multiple selections. Ex: you can schedule the test for multiple days of the week.