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An API (Application Programming Interface) allows for more intricate control over your system, either by customization or the use of third-party applications. ConnexCS has two distinct API's. Each is accessible through a different URL, but both follow the same specifications. The API is Restful JSON accessible over HTTPS. It makes distinctions about GET, POST, PUT and DELETE and follows CRUD. Requests usually take advantage of request variables, while JSON Documents may occasionally be posted where a more complex request is required. A JSON Document will always be returned, and errors are handled on the HTTPS Layer.

Switch Administration

The switch API provides full administrative capabilities. This means that every function accomplished through our web interface is available through our API.

You can find the API Spec here:

Customer Administration

The API lets you perform customer-facing operations like communicating with the switch, information about current balances, and managing Call Detail Records (CDRs).

Specifications for the customer-facing API operations are found here:

To view supported integrations, go to API Integrations.