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Authentication Methods

ConnexCS supports two methods of authentication: Username/Password in UAS mode and IP Authentication.

User Acces Control (UAC)

User Access Control is found in the individual customer cards, in the Authorization tab. Instructions below start at this tab, which is found by navigating to Management > Customer > [Customer Name].

Username and Password

To allow username and password authentication on user accounts:

  1. In the right panel, select the blue + (plus icon) in User/Password Authentication.
  2. Fill out an original Username and Password in the designated boxes.
  3. Note that in this screen you can also manage:
    • Channel Limits
    • CPS Limits
    • Codec Restrictions
    • Prefixes
    • Strip Digits
    • CLI Prefixes

IP Authentication

Follow these steps to allow IP Authentication on a selected customer:

  1. Click the Auth tab (authentication).
  2. In the left panel in the IP Authentication click on the blue plus.
  3. Complete the IP Address Box. It allows multiple IP addresses per line.
  4. Note that in this screen you can also manage:
    • Channel Limit
    • CPS Limit
    • Codec Restriction
    • CLI Prefix to be added to received CLI
    • Force From to modify the From Field

Multiple Customers Per IP

ConnexCS Supports multiple customers per IP with IP Authentication. To ensure clear identification between customers sharing the same IP address, a tech prefix is required.


No action is required on ConnexCS's part for outgoing calls. IP Authentication will work.

Username / Password with Upstream Providers

ConnexCS supports Username / Password Authentication against upstream providers. You can add an upstream provider, and instruct ConnexCS to respond to 407 Proxy Authentication Required using the following method:

  1. Click carrier, and select the carrier's name.
  2. Click the Authentication Tab.
  3. In the left panel, select the blue + (plus icon) for IP Authentication.
  4. Type an IP address into the box labeled as such. Multiple IPs per line is acceptable.
  5. Click Advanced and complete the Username and Password Boxes

ConnexCS Independent Considerations

Username / Password Authentication is the prefered authorization method for end-user devices and systems which have dynamic IP addresses. IP Authentication is preferred if a static IP address is available, and with any PBX or other SIP Servers.

Before it authenticates with Username/Password Authentication,the initiating server must send an attempt without any authorization headers. The reply is 407 Proxy Authentication Required, but this doesn't mean there's an error, as this is part of the SIP protocol. The response that contains a nonce is a random value used as salt with a hash and sent on a second INVITE, and the server using the same nonce creates its own hash and checks for a match. The process compares the username and password without actually exchanging them, and the nonce eliminates the possibility of a repeat attack. There will be some overhead in the form of packets with retransmissions and additional cache hits, however, so the prefered method of authorization between carriers is still IP authentication.